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A brief history of magnetic stimulation

Excellent reviews of history of magnetic stimulation are given by Anthony Barker (J Clin Neurophysiol. 8:26-37, 1991) and by Leslie Geddes (J Clin Neurophysiol. 8:3-9, 1991).

References to historical papers are given below the table.

1771Luigi Galvanianimal electricity
1819Hans Christian Oersted (1777-1851)electromagnetism
1831Michael Faraday (1791-1851)electromagnetic induction
1833Duchenne de Boulognestimulation of muscles with surface electrodes
1853Hermann von Helmholtzmeasurement of speed of nerve impulses with electrical stimulation and mechanical twitch recorder; pioneering discoveries in electromagnetism (reciprocity etc.)
1874Roberts Bartholowexcitability of the human brain while stimulating the exposed cortex in a patient with a large cranial defect
1896Arsenne d'Arsonval"phosphenes and vertigo, and in some persons, syncope" when the subjects head was placed inside an induction coil
visual sensations, i.e., magnetophosphenes: "a faint flickering illumination, colorless or a blush tint"
1911Magnusson & Stevens"when the direct current was initiated, a luminous horizontal bar was perceived moving downward"
1947Barlow & al. "as to the locus of excitation, we believe that this is retinal"
1959Kolinfirst to stimulate magnetically nerves (a frog sciatic-nerve)
1965Bickford & Fremmingfirst to stimulate the human nerves magnetically using harmonic magnetic fields
Maass & Asa
P. Ň. ÷berg
muscle twitches in animals and human subjects
1976Polson, Barker & Freestonstimulation with brief magnetic field pulses and first demonstration of peripheral nerve stimulation with simultaneous electromyographic recordings
1980Merton & Mortonnon-invasive brain stimulation with scalp electrodes
1985Barker & al.non-invasive, painless, cortical stimulation with magnetic fields
David Cohen
Shoogo Ueno
the idea and realization of the figure-of-eight coil
1989RQ Cracco, VE Amassian, PJ Maccabee & JB Craccorecording of magnetically evoked cortical responses from the scalp with electrodes placed on the other side of the head
1987/88Cadwell Laboratories Inc.repetitive stimulation with water-cooled coil

References to historical works:

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