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BioMag-NSU seminars 2019

Unless noted otherwise, the seminars in 2019 are held on Thursdays in the P-level seminar room Pp.118 of the Meilahti Tower Hospital,
one floor above the BioMag Laboratory, starting at 9:30.

29.1.2019 9:00-12:00 Seth Wichmann auditorium, Women’s Hospital Docent seminar: Jyrki Mäkelä
28.2.2019 Hanna Renvall: Introduction
14.3.2019 10:00 am Mia Liljeström: Using MEG to study language – from local activation patterns to large-scale networks
4.4.2019 Andrey Rodionov: Long-term paired associative stimulation: mechanisms of therapeutic action in spinal cord injury patients
25.4.2019 Sasa Kivisaari: The neural basis of understanding object meaning - implications for early detection of Alzheimer's disease
23.5.2019 Irina Anurova: Anatomical and functional brain plasticity following early blindness

BioMag-NSU seminars 2018

25.1.2018 10:00 am Pantelis Lioumis: Neurostimulation in Psychiatry: TMS-EEG for monitoring therapeutic interventions
Mon 19.2.2018 13:00 am Ivan Zubarev: Robust automated estimation of event-related brain responses for single-trial magnetoencephalography
15.3.2018 Nitin Williams: Phase-coupled systems from human intra-cerebral recordings comprise functionally related, spatially contiguous regions
12.4.2018 Niko Mäkelä: Locating functional brain areas with magnetic stimulation and electrophysiological neuroimaging (rehearsal for Lectio Praecursoria; in Finnish)
3.5.2018 Ritva Paetau: Childhood epilepsy syndromes – the MEG view
17.5.2018 Andrey Rodionov: Long-term paired associative stimulation: neural mechanisms and clinical outcomes in spinal cord injury patients
7.6.2018 Piia Lönnberg: Secondary somatosensory cortex responses to tactile stimulation in MEG in children born extremely preterm
30.8.2018 Joonas Haakana: Korkeataajuisen MEG-signaalin signaali-kohinasuhteen parantaminen OTP-algoritmin avulla (in Finnish)
20.9.2018 Anastasia Shulga: Long-term paired associative stimulation – clinical evidence from 18 patients
4.10.2018 Hamed Haque: Content dependent large-scale synchronization in visual working memory
15.10.2018 Tatiana Evsiukova: Epilepsy care in Norway – some elements
8.11.2018 9:00 am Santeri Rouhinen: Role of oscillations in visual perception: attention and working memory (rehearsal for Lectio Praecursoria; in English)
22.11.2018 Hanna Halme: MEG-based brain-computer interfaces: methods and challenges
29.11.2018 Sergei Tugin: Stimulation of the primary motor cortex with a novel multi-coil TMS device

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