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BioMag publication guidelines

    1. These instructions are applied to original publications, review papers, and scientific abstracts.
    2. Established ethical principles (as specified, for example, in the document Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communication, approved by the Council of the Society for Neuroscience) shall be obeyed in all studies conducted at the BioMag Laboratory.
    3. New projects (research plan, resources, personnel) shall be discussed with the head of the laboratory. The Executive Board of the BioMag Laboratory shall be informed of major new projects.
    4. Research projects shall obtain an appropriate permission from an ethical committee prior to performing the research. Copies of ethical committee applications and permissions shall be given to the head of the Laboratory.
    5. BioMag Laboratory shall be named as one of the affiliations in all publications that are based on studies that have been conducted at the Laboratory.
    6. Copies of manuscripts and conference abstracts based on original data from the BioMag Laboratory shall be given to the head of the Laboratory as soon as they are ready.
    7. If methods developed at the BioMag Laboratory are used in a paper, appropriate references to the original publications describing these methods must be made in the paper. The same applies of course to methods developed at other laboratories.
    8. The personnel of the BioMag Laboratory who have essentially contributed to the scientific content of a paper have to be listed as co-authors.
    9. The authors of a publication are together responsible for its contents as required in the Vancouver recommendations for manuscripts. The responsibility of the first author, among other things, is to ensure that all authors are kept up-to-date of the publication process during the entire study so that they can influence the paper as responsible authors.

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